Friday, July 12, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "How to Maintain Confusion, Conflict and Control"

So you think that just black people are being MIND FUCKED? Better think again. The difference is that black people (generally speaking) are the EASIEST to mind fuck and manipulate than the other groups.

Why? Because they (generally speaking) are the most immature, RELIGIOUSLY CONTROLLED, selfish, EXCUSE RIDDEN and EASIEST to emotionally (not rationally) stimulate.


This DOES APPLY to all groups but the black group seem to be the MOST affected by this and the easiest to manipulate and control.


Those ELITE WHITES in control are a very small minority and EVERYONE else (whites, blacks, browns, yellows and reds) are just a pawn to secure THEIR control, THEIR privileges and THEIR comforts.


Show them a BIG ASS (black males primarily), BIG TITS and they will utilize MOST of their time, energy, resources and finances (legally or illegally) in their attempts to get access to have her.

TEACH THEM how to SENSELESSLY "dress to impress" (a FOOLISH and IMMATURE black thing) although most of them are broke or financially struggling and allow them to PRETEND to be what they aren't because their female counterpart loves it.


Treat them like a child and place no expectations of or responsibility on them OTHER THAN being in your presence and her allowing you to treat her special. Lie to them which means fill their minds up with fantasy (i.e., ideas that you know will ONLY be temporary but pleasing and exciting to her at that moment).

Spend money on them (black females primarily). Call them a queen (black females only). Treat them as if they are DEPENDENT (i.e., make them THINK you are going to take care of them and financially support them even if they have a job).

KNOCK HER UP and there will be CONFUSION and CONFLICT until she finds someone else to financially support her and that child (or children) in a manner SHE truly desires.

MARRIAGE and LIFESTYLE are more important to her than character which is why the majority of them will get into a committed MARITAL or NON-MARITAL relationship with criminals and knowingly UNFAITHFUL but WEALTHY males.


In the end, they win and you lose.

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