Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Why Reduce Your Weight When He Loves It and You Can Just Buy Larger Clothing"

I saw these SIZES (not the photo of the people or objects) advertised in a local, POPULAR swap meet in the Black and Hispanic community so I had to take a photo of it and post it here.


DON'T BOTHER telling me that this can apply to males because EVEN AN idiot or moron knows that.

MOST FEMALES do not go around talking about they love FAT MEN (unless that FAT MAN has lots of money).


We all know that some things cannot be prevented when it comes degrading health issues, disabling health illnesses and other health risks.

We can do our best to assist in PREVENTING poor health issues from occurring.


MOST MALES that love FAT females are usually:

- In the SURVIVAL MODE (Broke and looking for someone to take care of them),

- LONELY and DESPERATE for companionship and will say or do anything, or

- THIRSTY and simply passing through whomever they can get.


Is POTENTIALLY risking YOUR HEALTH really worth having companionship by some guy that is in 1) SURVIVAL mode or 2) has a FIXATION for FAT rather than a LOVE for YOU?


Save the BIG BONED EXCUSE. I have already posted something about that explaining that even though SOME bones are larger or broader than other, it's the FAT AROUND THOSE BONES that determines your level of fat and NOT those MYSTICAL big bones.


This post is here to GET YOU TO THINK about YOUR FUTURE HEALTH. If you don't want to think about it, that is YOUR CHOICE.

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