Saturday, July 6, 2013

So It's Acceptable To Treat You As a Beggar or Pay-Per-View Ho As Long As We Don't Call You That

I'm sure some of you have heard this very old phrase, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will NEVER hurt me". Well, if that were the case, females would NOT have a problem with us calling them "Beggars or Pay-Per-View Ho's" if their behavior reflected such.


This DOES NOT APPLY to working women that pay their own way and shows consideration for males who have financial responsibilities just as they do.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males that "love to" or been "raised to" treat females as beggars or pay-per-view Ho's.


A beggar will not refuse a freebie and a pay-per-view Ho will not refuse a man spending his money on her as opposed to her paying her own way. Yea, I've heard that, "Well, he won't let me pay".

No male can LEGALLY force a female to be a beggar or be dependent upon him or force a female to allow him to pay her way.


BEGGAR. A person who lives by ASKING for money, items or food.

PAY-PER-VIEW HO. A person who lives by EXPECTING money, items or food in exchange for their company.


I am ENCOURAGING males to STOP FALSELY LABELING females for whatever reason and to START labeling ANY female based SOLELY upon her attitude and behavior. If she:

- asks for money, items or food then refer to her as a BEGGAR

- expects money, items or food in exchange for her company then refer to her as a PAY-PER-VIEW HO

- behaves in an independent manner (i.e., provides for herself and pays her own way) then I will refer to her as RESPONSIBLE and CONSIDERATE.


Many of you MALES will disagree with my logic based upon your SOCIALLY PROGRAMMED or ILLOGICAL way of thinking and behaving. You will CONTINUE to struggle and go through the drama because STRUGGLE and DRAMA is NORMAL to you.

I have no problem with YOU living a DYSFUNCTIONAL and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE life since I do not allow your way of thinking or behaving into my personal life.

Class is dismissed.

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