Thursday, July 11, 2013

STOP Honoring Females On Mother's Day That Simply Got Knocked Up

Show some RESPECT for the TRUE mothers. Just because she POPPED OUT a child or more does not mean she deserve the HONOR of being called "Mother". Mother (in the meaning of Honor and Praise) should be RESERVED for a female that has DISPLAYED maturity, unselfishness and consideration for the yet-to-be born child and the child's father.


The majority of those post DOES NOT APPLY to females who have properly prepared themselves for parenthood in a manner that benefits the child and the child's father.


There will be MANY females going around this weekend EXPECTING praise and reward for BEARING a child or children. First of all, you SHOULD NOT be rewarded for taking care of or providing for someone that YOU are RESPONSIBLE for.

I believe that if YOU are not prepared to provide proper and mature guidance for a child then YOU SHOULD WAIT until you have done what is necessary to prepare yourself for parenthood.


Many will say that a female that got knocked up (I don't call it getting pregnant) has NO PLANS for her future but I say that SHE DID have plans and those plans usually DO NOT BENEFIT the well-being or development of the child.


Getting knocked up is HER PLAN but I feel it is nothing to be PROUD OF or REWARDED FOR although SHE WILL get rewarded through PUBLIC ASSISTANCE or by ALLOWING a man to ejaculate inside of her to HOPEFULLY receive financial compensation.


Mutha's DO NOT make love to men. Mutha's fuck men (which is where the phrase "mutha-fucka" came from) and fuck over men for the purpose of receiving FINANCIAL BENEFIT if she gives birth after getting KNOCKED UP.


Mothers take the time to get to know a man based upon the "Contents of His Character" and not "His Looks (Pretty Boy), His Smooth Delivery (Player), His Roughness (Thug) or His Wallet (Financially Well-To-Do).

Mothers DO NOT have sex with IRRESPONSIBLE males or DEAD BEATS.

Mothers GET PREGNANT without the INTENT of trapping a man or extorting money from a man.

Mothers GET PREGNANT with the INTENT of having a KNOWINGLY RESPONSIBLE man that HAS AGREED TO and WANTS TO be a father that WILL PARTICIPATE in the growth and development of their child or children.


Let's give PRAISE and HONOR to those females who's BEHAVIOR have EARNED THEM the RESPECT to be called "Mother".

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