Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Do Females Knowingly Have More Children Than They Can Afford?

These are simply cases of stupidity, selfishness and pre-meditated child abuse. I'm sure MANY of you are going to say, "What about the male? He had something to do with this".


This DOES NOT APPLY to mentally RETARDED females who do not have the capacity to make sensible and responsible decisions.

This DOES APPLY to all other females who CLAIM to be INTELLIGENT, CLAIM to LOVE CHILDREN and of sound mind.


Anyone that read my posts, regarding children, knows that I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYONE'S FEELINGS when it comes to the well-being, proper care and development of a child or children.

Too many females are simply giving birth to children for their own selfish reasons AND then expecting THE SYSTEM or SOME MAN to support her when things get too DIFFICULT FINANCIALLY or too TIME CONSUMING.


Political correctness is fucking up the minds and lives of too many of these DEPRIVED children BECAUSE most of YOU adults REFUSE to tell these types of females how stupid, inconsiderate and selfish their behavior is.

Political correctness says we should be more sympathetic and supportive of a mother (I should say mutha) that have more children than she can afford to care for.

Political correctness says stop blaming the female and focus on what's best for the child or children.


FUCK YOU and your sympathetic feelings. Political correctness simply ENABLES that type of IRRESPONSIBLE and INCONSIDERATE (for the child or children) behavior.


When are we, collectively, going to STOP supporting pre-meditated CHILD ABUSE simply to CONFORM to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS?


ALL FEMALES ARE NOT thoughtful, unselfish and considerate even when it comes to a child or children. 

Whether you accept this or not, females (EXCLUDING the RETARDED ones) DO HAVE the mental capacity to:

- know IF they have the FINANCES to properly provide for a child or children,

- know IF they will have the TIME to SHARE between the number of children that they will have,

- know IF the male they are FUCKING and ALLOWING to ejaculate inside of them is responsible and capable of contributing the NECESSARY time and finances towards the caring and development of the child or children.


- God will provide where man won't

- My child or children are a blessing from God


- STOP having children IF you can't afford the time and money to care for the child or children. Of course I'm not stupid and know that most of them WILL CONTINUE to behave in that stupid and irresponsible manner but just maybe SOME of them will change if we STOP supporting that behavior

- STOP referring to a female with all of those children cute

- STOP referring to a female with all of those children that she SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD and is STRUGGLING to care for as a STRONG woman because that only ENABLES other females to do the same knowing THEY WILL get the same support

- START telling it like it is which is PRE-MEDITATED CHILD ABUSE and a VERY SELFISH and IRRESPONSIBLE act if she cannot provide the NEEDED time and finances for that child or children.


Males, as you can see, MOST of these females WILL NOT stop the pre-meditated child abuse EVEN THOUGH they have control over conception, pregnancy and child birth.

IF YOU MALES ARE CONCERNED about a child's development CONTROL YOURSELF and YOUR SPERM DEPOSITS and only deposit into a woman after BOTH OF YOU have agreed to, have matured and ARE PREPARED to provide the time and money towards the care of a child or children.

By the way, I also know there are some STUPID, IRRESPONSIBLE, THOUGHTLESS MALES that should get a VASECTOMY and probably won't do that as well.

Class is dismissed.

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