Thursday, March 27, 2014

ASK JAI DUVAL SESSION: "LISA MARIE MOORE: How To Easily Identify An Idiot Or Moron"

Lisa Marie Moore's comment, "You Have Yet To Reveal How Perfect You Are.  Where Is Your Picture"


NORMALLY I don't give Idiots and Morons this kind of time UNLESS I use it to ENLIGHTEN other dudes as to WHO THEY NEED TO AVOID.


This DOES NOT APPLY to PIMPS (cause you hustling for Ho's and there are PLENTY HO's on this site to get IF your GAME is right), IDIOTS or MORONS (cause both of you are TOO STUPID to comprehend).


How DUMB can an IDIOT or MORON be?  Well, tell me what you think AFTER reading HER COMMENTS.


I AM NOT here to:

- POST PHOTOS to get you to click the "like" button

- CHASE RECYCLED PUSSY from Pay-Per-View Ho's

- click the "like" button on Attention Ho's photo to INFLATE their egos and USE THAT to ELEVATE her expectation out of males

I AM here to:

- ATTEMPT to get males to RESPECT OTHER MALES and their RELATIONSHIP (leave HIS woman alone)

- ATTEMPT to get males to INVEST their TIME and MONEY into themselves and STOP WASTING it on worthless females trying to get PUSSY.

- ATTEMPT to get males to ACCEPT if a female EXPECTS YOU to spend money on her or pay her way on dates) to SPEND TIME with her, just call it want it is which is a BUSINESS TRANSACTION with a Pay-Per-View Ho and DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO HER.

- ATTEMPT to get males to STOP functioning in that old fashioned, out-dated manner when females were UNABLE to work and earn money

- ATTEMPT to get males to change the way they think and behave in a manner that BENEFITS THEM

- ATTEMPT to get males to realize that ALL FEMALES ARE NOT Pay-Per-View Ho's (gotta pay their way to be with/see them) 

- ATTEMPT to get males to realize that ALL FEMALES ARE NOT Inconsiderate Bitches (whatever you do is never enough and you will never consistently get what you want out of them)


I am sure that she will be GOOD PUSSY for some MALE idiot or moron and that will be a GOOD MATCH but HOPEFULLY they DON'T REPRODUCE and SPREAD MORE IGNORANCE.

This person is nothing but an IDIOT and MORON and she (along with types like her) SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

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