Sunday, March 2, 2014

SMART ASS OR DUMB ASS: "PASTOR ORDERS: No Panties or Bras in His Church So Christ (Jesus) Can Enter Them"

Not only has the pastor ORDERED the women but HE ALSO have them sitting in the FRONT ROW.

I knew of stuff like this happening in churches RIGHT HERE in the USA where women are SCANTILY dressed and sitting AS CLOSE to the front row AS POSSIBLE to ADVERTISE THEMSELVES and yes SOME of them DID NOT WEAR panties.

So there was pantie hose.  Alright I will give them that in place of panties but MANY (because I strategically placed myself in a position to see) of them wore AS SHEER pantie hose as they could.

I've known preachers that would SEND MESSAGES to these females through their deacons and other cooperative males in the congregation so DO TELL ME I'm delusional.


These SAME female followers of Christ will say, "Well, he may be a pastor but he is STILL A MAN and will forgive his ADULTERY and FORNICATION and CONTINUE to follow him and FINANCIALLY give to HIS WORTH CAUSE.


Now IF their man do the same as the pastor, HE IS A DIRT BAG and most of the time (especially if it goes public) SHE WILL GET RID OF HIM.


Is the pastor a SMART ASS or DUMB ASS for not only ORDERING the women but as you will read the women COMPLYING with his order.


I guess this NOW brings a TOTALLY different meaning to the phrase, "Jesus Is Coming", right?


  1. If you can show (demonstrate) to me that Mary, the holy virgin who was Jesus' mother, wore a bra, corset, girdle and/or underpants, I'll concede. Or Sarah, who was a virtuous woman who called her husband Abraham "my master."

  2. Im sure someone else will respond to youif they are interested.

  3. Women! If it wasn't for one thing, there'd be a bounty on 'em. Can't stand 'em; can't do without 'em. Love my horrible woman. She feels the same way about me.