Friday, March 28, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "YOUR MONEY: How To Properly Loan Money To A Female If You Are Going To Do So"

Ever heard a female (or females) ask males or discuss with other females:

"Why is MONEY such a big issue with some males"?


This ONLY APPLIES to males who have the BALLS and BACKBONE to do it.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males who DO NOT have the BALLS and BACKBONE to do it.  Simply GIVE HER YOUR MONEY then PRAY and HOPE that she PAY YOU BACK some day.


MOST Females are NOTORIOUS for doing 2 things:

1.  IRRESPONSIBLY Spending and Can't Pay Their Bills On Time and

2.  NOT PAYING BACK Money They Borrow From Males to Pay Those Bills 


Promissory note is just one portion but even if you get a JUDGMENT, that is NO GUARANTEE that she will pay and why go through all of that.

This is why it's IMPORTANT to get COLLATERAL and include in that promissory note that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to sell and keep whatever profits come from the sale of that collateral.

This way, IF you did that and got COLLATERAL WORTH AT LEAST TWICE THE AMOUNT loaned, you will have NO PROBLEM getting your money back AND you would NOT have to spend time going to court.


Time to START being SMART about YOUR MONEY and STOP being STUPID about YOUR MONEY.

Class is dismissed.

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