Thursday, March 27, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "One Man's Trash Is Simply The Next Man's Recycled Trash"

Take it from someone (that's me) that has learned this the HARD way and DON'T BUY INTO the female PROPAGANDA that BENEFITS THEM:

"Trash is and ALWAYS will be nothing but trash".


That's EXTREMELY easy to describe but will YOU HOLD her to these standards that ANY physically and mentally capable FEMALE CAN comply with:

1.  INCONSIDERATE (of you).  Her attitude and behavior impacts YOU in a negative and stressful manner.

2.  UNCOOPERATIVE (with you).  She REFUSES to do things that MAKES SENSE and will ARGUE about things that MAKES NO SENSE.

3.  IRRESPONSIBLE (for self financially).  She HAS A JOB and REFUSES to pay her own way when she is IN YOUR COMPANY and have NO REGARD for your financial responsibilities.

She simply goes from one man to the next as you see in the photo.


THERE ARE QUALITY women out there so DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME with her once you find out SHE IS TRASH.  

Do like the other dude or dudes and DUMP HER ASS IMMEDIATELY.

Class is dismissed.

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