Monday, March 31, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "PRODUCTIVE TIME: Something That You Can't Get Back And Must Never Surrender Just Because She Wants You To"

I'm sure that MOST of us have been FOUND GUILTY of doing this in the past, present and MANY (unfortunately) WILL continue to do in the future.

MALES MUST get to a point where we WILL say NO MORE to this NON-BENEFICIAL behavior and not only SAY IT but DO IT.


This DOES NOT APPLY to any male WHO'S PRIORITY in life is to CHASE and CATER TO females.


Time is something that NO ONE (unless you have a time machine) can get back once it's gone.  This is why YOU must NOT SURRENDER your productive time NO MATTER how much YOU want to or how much SHE wan'ts you to.


PRODUCTIVE TIME.  That time which you REQUIRE to sustain yourself be it work, regular exercise routine or personal projects that keep you focused and AWAY from doing non-productive or STUPID things.

FREE TIME.  That time which you CAN SHARE with her in order to spend time together to maintain a bond between the two of you.


IT IS NOT your duty to try and keep OTHER MALES away from her because you will NEVER be able to do that.

NEVER THINK that YOU MUST sacrifice some of your PRODUCTIVE time to KEEP HER AWAY from the attention of or time with ANOTHER man.

If any, let me repeat ANY, female GETS UPSET WITH YOU or WITHDRAW FROM YOU due to you NOT SACRIFICING your productive time FOR HER, it's NOW TIME to GET RID OF HER.


EXPERIENCE will tell you that IF a MATURE female TRULY WANTS YOU, then YOU WILL NEVER have to compete for her because SHE WON'T ALLOW other males that opportunity to do so.

This is one of the MOST FOOLISH things (for a male) and one of the MOST BENEFICIAL things (for a female) that a male will do with his time.

MOST females will ALWAYS be BOMBARDED with attention from other males UNLESS she looks like a MUD DUCK and even then there are some THIRSTY dudes out there that don't care about that and will go for it.  


No matter how much she says she loves or want you, it MEANS NOTHING if she is NOT UNDERSTANDING and DISPLAYS PATIENCE when it comes to YOUR PRODUCTIVE TIME.

Class is dismissed.

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