Thursday, March 6, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "MAN UP: Child Support YES - Bitch Support NO"

NO MAN should ALLOW himself to be ABUSED by LIVING WITH an inconsiderate, uncooperative and irresponsible "bitch" JUST BECAUSE HE FUCKED UP and EJACULATED INSIDE of her THEN SHE USED his SPERM to GET KNOCKED UP.


This DOES APPLY to all males that are being EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY and FINANCIALLY abused a female that GOT KNOCKED UP by him.


First of all, since YOU FUCKED UP and EJACULATED INSIDE of her, did your STUPID ASS get a DNA test to VALIDATE that "YOU ARE THE FATHER"?

Remember that you can ALWAYS do BETTER (or BAD) by yourself REGARDLESS of the child support RATHER THAN living with a bitch and supporting her trifling ass and your child.  


The TIME SPENT with that bitch is OPPORTUNITY LOST to have a DECENT, LOVING and RESPONSIBLE woman in your life.

Class is dismissed.

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