Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "LET HER GO: Never Trade-In Your Dignity for Her Companionship"

There is NO REASON why a SELF-RESPECTING, DECENT man that is self-sufficient and responsible should ALLOW himself to FEEL AS IF HE HAS TO COMPETE for any female, be DISRESPECTED by any female or be MISERABLE in a relationship with any female.


This DOES APPLY to all males who TOLERATE unreasonable expectations and selfish demands from a female that he is ATTRACTED TO or IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH.

This DOES NOT APPLY to WEAK MALES because you will SURRENDER or have ALREADY SURRENDERED your dignity simply to be in a relationship with THE WRONG FEMALE.


Whether it is a FEMALE TELLING HER what you should do for her OR a MALE TELLING HER what he can do for her, NO MALE should allow himself to be in a relationship with a female like that.

MOST of a man's hardships, STRESS, problems and misery will come from him CHOOSING to remain in a relationship with the WRONG female.

If I am in a relationship is NOT benefiting me in the same manner that it is benefiting her then I WILL GET OUT OF IT and NOT LOOK BACK at her.


MOST of the problems that he will have will come from MISERABLE, ENVIOUS and/or EMOTIONALLY DAMAGED females that are ANGRY AT MEN for HER POOR CHOICE in a man that will tell YOUR WOMAN:

-  What YOU should be doing for her

-  What SHE should be receiving from you

-  What SHE should NOT be doing for you

-  What SHE should NOT tolerate from you


If the woman that is SUPPOSED to be my woman is ALLOWING this to occur in my relationship and she EXPECTS ME to COMPLY or she will leave, "I am going to POLITELY open the door and let her walk out with a BIG SMILE on my face and WITHOUT anger towards her".


If you are "again" DECENT, SELF-SUFFICIENT and RESPONSIBLE then YOU ARE an ASSET and a decent, self-sufficient and responsible woman WILL RECOGNIZE that and have an interest in you.


NEVER, let me repeat NEVER EVER, want or put forth effort in a female that DOES NOT WANT or DOES NOT MUTUALLY put forth JUST AS MUCH effort in letting you know she has a PERSONAL INTEREST in you"


NO FEMALE is worth trying to KEEP if she is PROBLEMATIC and/or DOES NOT MUTUALLY put forth just as much effort to be with you.

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