Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "2 Wrongs Does Make It Right (For Her Not You)"

MOST female's idea of OFFERING love is her time (to entertain her and take her out at your expense of course), a kiss and some occasional sex. 

If she is going to be THAT GENEROUS with you, then the CONSIDERATE and FAIR THING to do is respond with GENEROSITY as well back to her. 

This is quite simple so take your time and read these simple GENEROUS procedures over and over again UNTIL you understand and are able to apply them:

1. If she is willing to spend her time with you, then you should RECIPROCATE by spending your time with her in return

2. If she takes time to cook for you, then you should RECIPROCATE by cooking for her or take her out to eat IF you can't cook

3. If she hugs, cuddles and kisses you, then you should RECIPROCATE by hugging, cuddling and kissing her in return

4. If she gives love (i.e., pussy) then you should RECIPROCATE by giving her love (i.e., dick) in return and DON'T BE STINGY WITH THE DICK


"How many guys have to be FINANCIALLY DESTROYED before the rest of you learn to NOT DO something STUPID like the guy in the picture"?


As always, I can ONLY provide you with information. In the end, you have to make the choice and ACCEPT the CONSEQUENCES of your choice.

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