Saturday, November 30, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "BAD: Three of The Most Self-Destructive and Incurable Diseases for Most Black Males"

I'm sure MANY of you may have thought of "Attention Deficit" when you read the title and saw the letters AD but I'm here to present something TOTALLY different to you regarding AD that you may not even thought of.


This DOES APPLY to any BLACK male that suffers from ASSlimia, ASSination or ASSphrodisia.


First of all, BAD stands for "Big ASS (ASSlimia, ASSination and ASSphrodisia) Disease" which is VERY COMMON among black males. 

After seeing SO MANY black dudes go in heat (based upon their comments) after seeing photos of BIG ASSES, I felt the need to EXAMINE CLOSELY and CREATE three additional words and definitions for my personal dictionary.


Feel free to use my words and definitions as you see fit:

1. ASSlimia. An illness in which he has episodes of overheating and feels a loss of control when he sees a huge ass.

2. ASSination. His mental state of feeling an intense attraction to a huge ass.

3. ASSphrodisia. His mental state that creates and arousing or intensifying sexual desire.


I don't see ANY VALUE to being so overwhelmed by HER BIG ASS unless you are going to USE HER ASS to benefit from it.

It's ACCEPTABLE to be attracted to a BIG ASS (if that's your thing) but it's STUPID to make it a TOP PRIORITY in your life. Any sensible man knows how HER BIG ASS benefits HER when it comes to YOUR DISEASE:

ASSlimia + ASSination + ASSphrodisia = $$$$$$ and Free Services For Her 


If you examine the everyday Joe black male with ASS disease you will find that MOST of them can be EASILY MANIPULATED and DISTRACTED simply by seeing a BIG ASS.

If you know of a dude like that then EXPECT VERY LITTLE from him IF it comes to relying on him to help you do something.


How has ANY of the BIG ASSES that you have chased or have had BENEFITED YOU?


I will not leave you to provide comments or discussions regarding this post and remember my quote:

"The Bigger Her Ass, The More Shit Usually Comes Out of Her".

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