Friday, November 8, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "Male's Lives Aren't Destroyed Cause They Don't Have a Woman In Their Life"

MOST WOMEN do not make a man's life better.  MOST MEN make their lives WORSE when they get a woman or in their ATTEMPTS to get a woman.


This DOES NOT APPLY to women who EQUALLY contribute time, resources and finances in the DATING PROCESS and the RELATIONSHIP PERIOD.


Other than COMPLAINING, FOOLISH GOSSIP, IMMATURE or MEANINGLESS conversation, AT LEAST 90% of the females a man comes in contact with will have NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE or PRODUCTIVE to talk about.


No person can complete the other person.  That does not even LOGICALLY makes sense and is nothing but EMOTIONAL RHETORIC that is used to make an INSECURE PERSON (male or female) feel good about themselves.


FEMALES, generally speaking, are the MOST SELFISH creatures on this planet when it comes to interacting with the DECENT, everyday Joe.

They expect him to DO for her, ENTERTAIN her, HELP her with her financial problems, INVITE her and pay (if expenses are involved) AND have little to no EXPECTATIONS of her in return other than being HAPPY to have HER COMPANY.

MOST females are like children:

-  Bores easily

-  Short attention span

-  Want to have their way

-  Expects you to keep them entertained

-  Expects you to HELP take care of them IF you are going to be with them

-  If they see someone they think is more exciting (just like their toys), they will
GET RID OF or IGNORE you for the other toy (i.e., man)


NEVER LOAN a female money BEFORE, DURING or AFTER a relationship.  If you are in a relationship then the two of you need to open a JOINT SAVINGS account and EQUALLY put money there for emergency purposes.

No matter how much money and time you have put into a relationship with a female, WHEN SHE FEELS it's over then it's over and she is leaving AND if you have loaned her some money then CONSIDER THE PUSSY (if any) that you received as PAYMENT IN FULL.


REQUIRE the female to be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for herself WHILE you are dating her.

SHE IS AN ADULT and should behave as a RESPONSIBLE adult UNLESS she proclaims herself to be a PAY-PER-VIEW HO.


Absolutely not and that would be a STUPID ASSumption to make but I will say that MOST of the females you come in contact with ARE WORTHLESS and a WASTE of YOUR TIME.

THERE ARE SOME WORTHWHILE females out there but they are RARE and EXTREMELY hard to find.


NEVER SURRENDER or SACRIFICE your finances, happiness and peace of mind just because you have a personal interest in a female.

NEVER ALLOW a female into your life WITHOUT her CONSISTENTLY displaying how thoughtful, considerate and FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE she is (i.e., paying her own way) during the DATING PROCESS because this sets the FOUNDATION for a relationship IF it goes there.

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