Saturday, November 23, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "Jai Duval's Potential Mate Value (PMV) Scoring Chart"

In this society we live in, WOMEN RATE YOU based upon your physical appearance, financial or social status, where you live, if you own a home, how much money you make, how much of that money you spend on her or her children, how much of her responsibilities or pressure you place on your back or WHAT BENEFIT CAN YOU BE TO HER.

So WHY should you NOT TREAT HER EQUALLY and DO THE SAME to her?


This DOES APPLY ONLY to females that consider themselves to be WORTHY, INDEPENDENT, SINGLE and AVAILABLE.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE a female's PHYSICAL SIZE because I know that you all have YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE to what YOU PHYSICALLY find attractive TO YOU.


I was going to make this one of my classes that would ONLY be posted on my page but this is TOO IMPORTANT to RESTRICT just to my page alone.

FEMALES RATE YOU based upon THEIR CRITERIA so it’s time for you to start rating them in a manner that will BENEFIT YOU as opposed to PRIMARILY HER.  My PMV chart can be used as your baseline. 

DON'T BE TOO LENIENT in your scoring because THEY RARELY LENIENT when it comes to HOW they RATE YOU and WHAT they EXPECT FROM YOU.


My chart is based upon YEAR of experiences and TESTIMONIES from other men who have FAILED in their attempts to SELECT a female that ADDS VALUE TO his life as opposed to SUBTRACT VALUE FROM his life.


As age increases, so does her willingness to become inflexible with a man.  Deduct 1 point for every 5 years above the age of 30. (Ex.: 35 = 1, 40 = 2, etc.)  

IMPORTANT NOTE.  Females tend to AVOID or USE as DECENT males as she can WHEN she is young and attractive and CHOOSE the NO GOOD MALES so JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED and it's done so on the back end WHEN she gets to the age of 35+.


Selfish and inconsiderate when interacting with you.  She does not value you and expects you to do most (if not all) of the planning, initiating contact with you and paying.  Deduct 1 point 


This applies to her number of children that are MINORS or ADULT still living AT HOME because  you will NEVER come first as long as there is a child (minor or adult) in the home.  Deduct 1 point for each child in the home


She has no domestic skills.  She can’t cook, not organized and dines out most of the time.  Deduct 1 point


She is NOT emotionally free.  She is attached to someone in her past and refuses to let go.  Deduct 1 point


Bad credit and does not pay bills on time, financially over-extended and living beyond her means.  Deduct 1 point


Lives too far from you.  Cannot see her other on a regular basis or at a moment’s notice.  Deduct 1 point


Too busy (or pretends to be too busy) when it comes to spending time with you.  It does not matter what the reason is because you can’t get to know her if she is unavailable. 
Deduct 1 point


She does not have a steady job or any steady source of income (child support or alimony excluded).  She expects for you to put out more effort and money just because you have it to satisfy her own unreasonable and selfish expectations.  Deduct 1 point.


SOME FEMALES just may end of with a NEGATIVE VALUE when you are DONE RATING her so YOU HAVE TO DECIDE if you still want her in your life.

Regardless of who she is, how she looks to you or what kind of job she has, EVERY FEMALE should be given a 10, which is the top score, BEFORE you begin to RATE HER VALUE based upon my chart because IT'S THE FAIR THING TO DO


Just as points are deducted, she can receive rebates as well.  For example, if she has 2 children at home, 2 points are deducted and her PMV drops by 2 points.  Once the children are grown and out of the house, she receives 2 rebates and her PMV increases by 2 points.

I can only PROVIDE you will information that is BENEFICIAL to you.  In the end, it's YOUR CHOICE so accept the consequences and blame on one IF you choose to NOT APPLY my information and THAT EXPERIENCE or YOUR LIFE ends up a FAILURE.

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  1. This needs to be in a book for real men bro. I have a publishing company. We should talk. This is GOOD Info...Seriously.