Wednesday, November 13, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "It's Called Acting Responsibly"

If you wonder why I limit my contact with CERTAIN PEOPLE, maybe this illustration will help you. There is a CULTURE out there with a certain MINDSET that I AVOID as soon as I recognize it in them.


This HAS NOTHING TO DO with having a child or children under the age of 30.

This HAS NOTHING TO DO with getting married before you are 40.

This HAS EVERYTHING TO DO with STUPID statements that some people make WITHOUT thinking it through LOGICALLY or MATURELY before speaking.


As I have stated before, "There is a CULTURE, MINDSET and BEHAVIOR out there that has been DUMB DOWN to a point of NO RECOVERY and should be left to INTERACT with each other, IRRESPONSIBLE FUCK each other, UNFORTUNATELY REPRODUCE and THEIR OFFSPRING will continue that SAME culture, mindset and IRRESPONSIBLY FUCKED UP behavior".


These types are NOT going anywhere so YOU have to decide IF you are going to be a part of it or not.

You already know that I have stated that I WAN'T NOTHING TO DO with people that think and behave in such a manner which is why I try to bring some COMMON SENSE and PRACTICAL thinking to you for YOUR BENEFIT.


Many of you that READ THIS are the ones that THINK LIKE THIS. Hopefully you will see yourself in a manner that IS NOT PRODUCTIVE although it is the POPULAR way to think and behave.

I leave you to your CHOICES and it's CONSEQUENCES.

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