Sunday, December 1, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "BLACKOUT DECEMBER: No Attention Ho's, No Pay-Per-View Ho's and No Inconsiderate Bitches"

This SHOULD BE DONE every December to give you guys time to yourself, your woman, your family and your "real" friends and leave the VIRTUAL FEMALES (not friends) to themselves and THEIR virtual world.


This DOES NOT APPLY to males that want to be players or fools that want to CONTINUE being fools.


This post is intended to HELP males ELIMINATE or MINIMIZE that DEAD END way of thinking and behavior that PRIMARILY BENEFITS those undeserving, useless, inconsiderate (of you) females YOU WASTE SO MUCH TIME WITH


Did she tell you, "Well, I just don't give out my number like that" or "I don't give out my number to ANY guys" or something similar when you requested HER phone number?

If you can ONLY contact any female through an online social site then SHE IS an Attention Ho no matter WHAT EXCUSE she gives you for NOT GIVING YOU her PHONE NUMBER.


MANY of you DUDES talk all of that shit about how MANY females are No Good, Worthless, Man-Using Ho's and Bitches yet your STUPID and WEAK ASSES would stand in the rain in line to for YOUR TURN to:

1.  PRIVATELY Kiss Her or Their Asses

2.  PRIVATELY Give Her or Them What They Expect (Not Earned)

3.  PUBLICLY click on the "Like" button or "Give Her or Them Compliments"

And they aren't doing shit for you but LAUGHING AT how easy it is to get you to SALIVATE, CRAVE, DESIRE and RESPOND in a manner they expect.


-  Exactly what do you have to lose by avoiding these types?

-  Are you so LONELY or DESPERATE you can't AVOID them?

-  Are you THAT WEAK that you CAN'T RESIST liking their photos?

-  Do you THINK that YOUR LIFE has no meaning UNLESS you comply with the EXPECTATIONS of Ho's and Bitches?


The time (even seconds) you put into these Ho's and Bitches is time you could be doing someone BENEFICIAL for you:

-  Self Improvement 

-  Spending Time With Family and Friends 

-  Spending Time With Responsible, Considerate and Quality Women


I've requested this before and I'm going to do it again right here:

"If you refuse to or is so weak that you can't resist doing those things that DON'T BENEFIT YOU when it comes to interacting with a female, STOP liking my posts AND unfriend me or send me a request to unfriend you".


As a man with BALLS and a BACKBONE (that actually use them), I am truly ASHAMED of the "STUPID males that DON'T" or the "WEAK males that are AFRAID TO" participate in this December Blackout. 

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Glad to see you young bucks putting the screws to these hoes- they deserve it.