Sunday, December 1, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "Your Spoiled Little Princess Just May Become Some Man's Worse Nightmare"

This may be DIFFICULT for MANY of you FATHERS to accept but MANY OF YOU are simply RAISING your DAUGHTERS to be SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, SPOILED, ENTITLEMENT MINDED "Bitches" (i.e., Queens) as an adult.


This DOES APPLY to any man that is SPOILING his daughter WITHOUT thinking of the CONSEQUENCES that may NEGATIVELY IMPACT any decent male that may have a PERSONAL INTEREST in her.


Yea I said it and will say it again (if you missed it the first time), MANY of you males are RAISING YOUR DAUGHTER(S) to be selfish, inconsiderate, spoiled, entitlement minded BITCHES.  


What do you TEACH your daughters when they get to that DATING AGE:

-  ARE YOU teaching her how to EXPECT and RECEIVE simply by doing for her with LITTLE to NO EXPECTATIONS of her doing something in return when she wants something and all she has to do is ASK HER DADDY.

-  Are you giving her money to pay for her portion of her dates OR are you teaching her how to be a PAY-PER-VIEW HO expecting the boy to pay for her in order to go out on dates with her BEFORE she gets out on her own?

-  Are you teaching her that SHE HAS to EARN RESPECT in order to RECEIVE RESPECT?

-  Are you teaching her that SHE IS NOT supposed to hit a boy or man JUST BECAUSE she got angry at him?

-  Are you teaching her that HE HAS just as much right to HIT HER BACK if she hits him?


NOT TEACHING HER how to be RESPONSIBLE (for self), ACCOUNTABLE (for her choices and actions), CONSIDERATE (of a male that has an interest in her) and PAY HER OWN WAY (to display HER independence and ability to be an ASSET rather than a LIABILITY if she gets into a relationship with a man) IS TEACHING HER to do the SAME SHIT to decent guys HER MOTHER just may have done OR may still be doing to you.


Teach your daughters to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, CONSIDERATE of decent men that have a personal interest in her and have her place MORE VALUE in the CONTENTS OF HIS CHARACTER (how he behaves and respects others) as opposed to the CONTENTS IN HIS WALLET (how much money he has or if he pays her way when they are dating)".

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