Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ASK JAI DUVAL SESSION: "I've Heard That The Women Mature Much Earlier Than The Men. Why Is That So"?

This is a VERY GOOD question and a VERY COMMON statement MANY females will make from time to time in order to make themselves APPEAR to be MORE MATURE than males and MANY males ALLOW them to do so WITHOUT QUESTIONING THEM.


This DOES APPLY and SHOULD BE APPLIED to any female that make such statements WITHOUT being MORE SPECIFIC or PROVING THEIR STATEMENTS with EVIDENCE.

IF YOU are trying to GET PUSSY from her then I suggest that YOU AGREE with her or give her a SILLY, IMMATURE answer that DOES NOT CHALLENGE her statement or question.


There is absolutely NO PROBLEM with a female making a statement or asking a male a question because, in most cases, they have been raised, taught and PROGRAMMED to speak their mind or question males about anything.


The problem is when MOST males simply ALLOW her to makes statements or ask questions, they DO NOT REQUIRE her to:

1.  Be more specific with that statement or question

2.  Prove her point with that statement or question

3.  Explain how her statement or question RELATES to what they are talking about


The response to that question REQUIRES the use of INTELLIGENCE and therefore I would respond in this manner:

That is a very good question but before I respond to that question, you need to be MORE SPECIFIC in what areas of maturity you are speaking of because I find the areas of maturity below BY MOST FEMALES to be quite IMMATURE:

FINANCIALLY IMMATURE.  They foolishly spend money or use a credit card and end up financially over-extended and have to juggle and struggle with paying bills IF they can't get some male to BAIL THEM OUT.

SEXUALLY IMMATURE.  They IGNORE requiring BOTH partners to use birth control.  They ALLOW some dude to EJACULATE INSIDE of them.  THEY DO NOT attempt to use the EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE to prevent conception AFTER ejaculation inside of them.  THEY USE his sperm in an ATTEMPT to CONCEIVE and GET KNOCKED UP as a single female and HAVE A CHILD when they are NOT PREPARED to do so.

BEHAVIORALLY IMMATURE.  They are envious of other females and waste time gossiping about MEANINGLESS things or other females that they envy.

MATE SELECTION IMMATURE.  They will ALLOW ABUSIVE MALES (i.e., the players, pretty boys, thugs and financially well-to-do males) into their lives that DON'T GIVE A SHIT about them BECAUSE they are FUN, UNPREDICTABLE and EXCITING and they will IGNORE and AVOID the decent, everyday Joe male that THEY FEEL is PREDICTABLE and BORING that would be a better companion.

So in light of the area I have IDENTIFIED and EXPLAINED, will you now do the same for me and IDENTIFY and EXPLAIN CLEARLY those areas you are speaking of where females MATURE EARLIER than males?


I have found that these 4 responses below are the MOST COMMON responses you will receive:

1.  Get upset

2.  Get uncomfortable

3.  Withdraw her statement or question

4.  Withdraw herself from his presence (and maybe not talk to or see him again)


STOP ALLOWING yourselves to be DUMB DOWN for the chance of getting RECYCLED PUSSY and REQUIRE FEMALES to raise THEIR MATURITY and INTELLECTUAL level when interacting with you OR DUMP ANY FEMALE that REFUSES to do so.

As always, my posts are there to ATTEMPT to get males to FUNCTION in a manner that BENEFITS THEM FIRST without taking from or doing harm to the female he interacts with.

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