Wednesday, December 18, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "Feminism Out and Equality In"

MANY of you males WILL NOT LIKE this post but I AM NOT HERE TO KISS YOUR ASSES either.  

I am not here to CONTRIBUTE to FOOLishness but rather ATTEMPT to introduce some COMMON SENSE thinking and behavior that SAVE YOU TIME and BENEFIT YOU.

I have to SERIOUSLY question ANY male that WASTES his time and energy arguing or debating FEMINISM with a female or group of female THAT IS NOT BEING DONE IN THE COURTS.


This DOES APPLY to any male that is constantly arguing or discussing FEMINISM with a female or females that is NOT in a courtroom setting.


I find it UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and sometimes quite IMMATURE when I see males here engaged in arguments, discussions or name calling when it comes to the FEMINISM topic.  This is a MEANINGLESS argument or discussion (outside of the courtroom) and he will have a better chance of ICE SKATING UPHILL.


Are you MALES getting some JOY or ORGASMIC response from doing so?


ANY MALE, let me repeat, ANY MALE that wastes his time arguing or debating feminism with a female (outside of the court system) DOES NOT have issues with feminism.  HE either (in my opinion):

-  VERY LONELY and has NOTHING ELSE to do with his time, or

-  HAS UNRESOLVED emotional and/or psychological ISSUES WITH FEMALES 

BECAUSE there are MORE BENEFICIAL things that he can be and should be doing with is time.


ANY female that wants to argue or discuss FEMINISM should be given 2 options:

OPTION 1 (Packaged Deal - I'm sure you are familiar with that term)

-  EQUAL RIGHTS (to opportunities).  She should receive just as much rights to opportunities as ANY MALE just AS LONGS AS she is QUALIFIED and CAN DO what is required WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE (unless that assistance REQUIRES multiple individuals)

-  EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY.  She SHALL BE responsible for providing for self anything that SHE NEEDS or DESIRES without the assistance from a male.  She SHALL also be accountable for her decisions and actions WITHOUT pulling out the GENDER CARD (she is an EMOTIONAL creature) which will be SURRENDERED upon receiving equal rights and responsibilities.


-  DECLARE YOUR STATUS as a helpless, dependent individual that is INCAPABLE of caring for self and REQUIRES the physical and financial (especially) assistance of a male in order to survive and then (respectfully)  GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN.


THIS IS ALL that is necessary when discussing INDEPENDENCE or FEMINISM with a female.  ANY MALE that wastes HIS time on that feminism issue (other than in the courts) is a FOOLish male.

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