Friday, December 20, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "2014 IS COMING: What Will It Be Like For You"?

Just as I encourage males to THINK and BEHAVE for THEIR BENEFIT FIRST when it comes to engaging in interaction with females, ONE VERY important factor remains IF he is to TRULY free himself from frustration and disappointment.  

BEWARE of ADVICE from THIRST and/or WEAK males.


This DOES APPLY to any male that seek support and advice from other males.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the VERY FEW males that are LUCKY enough to have that RARE sensible, man-loving, cooperative, non-entitlement minded, unselfish WOMAN in his life.


As I've stated before, ONLY 2 out of every 10 males will FREE THEMSELVES from a WORTHLESS, NAGGING, LAZY, ENTITLEMENT MINDED female and the remaining 8 were born and raised to be SERVANT PUSSIES (i.e., doing anything it takes to get and keep a female happy with NO REQUIREMENTS from her to do the same).

This means that there are 8 out of every 10 males that WILL give you BAD ADVICE and ENCOURAGE YOU to REMAIN in that situation as well as DO MORE to keep her from complaining to KEEP HER HAPPY.


EVERY DUDE needs a corner man or men (including myself) to keep each other focused.  Corner men are there to WATCH you while you are in that RING OF LIFE and give you GOOD ADVICE in order for YOU (not her) to be successful in that ring.

There are even times when your corner man will ADVISE YOU to toss in the towel (i.e., DUMP HER), MINIMIZE your losses and MOVE ON even though YOU MAY THINK you are winning in that ring but you are SO FAR BEHIND in points that it's FOOLISH to CONTINUE to GET YOUR ASS WHIPPED.

YOUR corner man (unlike you) is NOT EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED so he can provide you will advice to PROTECT YOU during those times when YOUR emotional level RISES ABOVE your rational level.


It is said that MANY MALES think that in order to be happy (with a woman), he had to make sure that SHE IS HAPPY FIRST.  Well, that simply means that HE IS living with an inconsiderate, selfish female because she WILL NOT ACCEPT him being happy IF she is not HAPPY FIRST.


I can only provide you with MY EXPERIENCES and WISDOM and in the end it's YOU that have to CHOOSE the path you are going to follow.

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