Monday, December 30, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "2014 ECONOMIC PLAN: Personal Financial Responsibility a Requirement"

Thanks to FEMINISM and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for EMPLOYMENT, CHIVALRY (as far as spending money on a female) SHOULD BE DEAD NOW and in 2014.


This DOES APPLY to all decent, everyday Joe males that are striving to MINIMIZE their level of UNNECESSARY financial stress, spending and debt.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females that PUBLICLY announce themselves to be DEPENDENT and INCAPABLE of financially providing for themselves and NEED a man's money in order to survive.

This DOES NOT APPLY to females classified as RETARDED because we understand and accept that they are MENTALLY incapable of caring for themselves.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males that believe they are supposed to be the PRIMARY provider in a household.


2014 is NOT predicted to be FINANCIALLY STABLE FOR MANY so why are you going to FOOLishly CONTINUE to SPEND your money and especially on a female just to be in her company.  

When MOST females get in trouble financially due to their own POOR PLANNING or IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING, there are plenty of FOOLS out there waiting to BAIL THEM OUT.   If you are going to be one of those who have SPENT YOUR MONEY or BAILED THEM OUT and can NO LONGER PAY, don't expect them to stay".


MANY males were RAISED to believe they are SUPPOSED to be the primary provider in a household EVEN IF the female has a job.  In his mind, her money is to be used WHEN NEEDED and otherwise she has the OPTION to provide as little as she wants or simply use HER MONEY to do with as she pleases to make herself happy.

MANY of those same males that are out there wining, dining and entertaining females AT HIS EXPENSE will attempt to get you to do the same thing and just may criticize you for not doing as he is doing so the time spent with them should be held to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM or they should be AVOIDED as well.


ANY female (with or without) a job that will EXPECT or REQUIRE you to pay her way during these DIFFICULT and UNCERTAIN economic times or help her financially with HER BILLS that SHE CREATED does not have a GENUINE interest in you and should be AVOIDED TOTALLY.

If you have been spending on females in 2013 and continue to do so in 2014, BLAME NO ONE (not even her or them) if the bottom falls out for you (i.e., you lose your job) or you are faced with a financial NEED and NONE OF THEM are there to financially HELP YOU.

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