Sunday, December 22, 2013

FINAL POST FOR 2013: "May Your Transition into 2014 Be A Pleasant and Successful One"

Although I will be providing comments to other people's posts, this is my LAST POST for the year 2013.  My material is designed in a manner that BENEFITS MALES FIRST WITHOUT taking advantage of or doing harm to ANY female.

MOST FEMALES are inconsiderate, extremely selfish and DO NOT LIKE being placed in any position other than FIRST which means IF you are with a female LIKE THAT, you will NEVER come first which means you can NEVER receive anything or any happiness UNLESS she receives it FIRST or AT THE SAME TIME you are receiving anything or any happiness.


These CLASSES DO NOT provide information on how to be a Player

These CLASSES WILL REDUCE the number of females that you interact with because MOST of them ARE WORTHLESS TO YOU any way

These ARE NOT CLASSES to assist you in a MORE SUCCESSFUL means of getting PUSSY

These CLASSES WILL SHOW YOU WAYS of identifying Attention Ho's, Pay-Per-View Ho's and Inconsiderate, Entitlement Minded Bitches then the choice of wanting to REMAIN in their company is TOTALLY up to you.

These ARE CLASSES to assist you in THINKING and BEHAVING in a manner that WILL BENEFIT YOU as opposed to DEFINITELY benefiting her and MAYBE benefiting you (some of the time)


HOPEFULLY I have inspired MANY of you to reconsider or get out of your present non-beneficial and dysfunctional situations as well as reconsider how you determine your choices in females that you want to interact with.

You can continue down the OLD PATH of hard labor, minimal rewards and maximum disappointments FOR HER BENEFIT or you can journey down MY PATH of maximum personal rewards (not pussy) and minimal disappointments FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

The rest of you I can only wish that your eventual pain and disappointment that YOU WILL RECEIVE from her while catering to her is held to a minimum BEFORE she drains you (emotionally and financially) and then decide to DUMP YOU and MOVE ON to who SHE FEELS is BETTER FOR HER.


I will see those of you who have the BALLS and BACKBONE to attend CLASS next year.

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