Thursday, October 24, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: "Pretty Females Will Never GENUINELY Desire the Everyday Male"

I'm sure that there will be a FEW of you that will TRULY not like what I'm about to say but IF you know me then you know I'm NOT about emotion but rather common sense LOGIC.


This DOES NOT promote, encourage or condone domestic violence upon anyone regardless of gender, race, etc.

I DO NOT promote, encourage or condone domestic violence upon anyone regardless of gender, race, etc. BUT I do understand CONSEQUENCES for one's WILLING poor choices.


I have stated this before and WILL NOT back down from it.  Pretty females DO NOT appreciate, desire, put forth any effort or allow the opportunity to know (on a personal level) the everyday Joe UNLESS:

1.  She has been severely abused physically or emotionally

2.  She is in a position where she is FINANCIALLY NEEDY and can't get the other types to CONTRIBUTE or PHYSICALLY NEEDY (no thirsty i'm not talking about sex) and can't get the other types SHE LIKES to help her

3.  Her MARKETABLE VALUE has DIMINISHED due to age, changes in physical appearance, children at home, etc.

4.  The man that SHE WANTS does not want her in the same manner so she will ACCEPT YOU temporarily to kill time UNTIL that man is "again" ready for her

Those are just a FEW examples and I'm sure that you can supply more.


They USUALLY go through a physical, emotional or both RECOVERY period and MOST of them will either GO BACK to that same abuser OR get involved with another of the same type.


Let's use the number 10 for my prediction just to keep it simple:

1.  5 out of 10 will RETURN to that same type

2.  3 out of 10 will be FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Any Recovery)

3.  2 out of 10 will have a 50/50 of chance being of any VALUE to you

That means ONLY 2 out of 10 ABUSED PRETTY females are going to be POTENTIALLY worthwhile, BENEFICIAL and COMMITTED to the DECENT, everyday Joe.


1.  Avoid ANY PERSONAL interest in a PRETTY female

2.  DO NOT FOOLISHLY attempt to RESCUE a pretty female from her abuser (chances are YOU will get YOUR ASS WHIPPED or YOU WHIP HIM and eventually she will GO RIGHT BACK TO HIM)

3. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with these pretty females LISTENING to their sorrow or complaints as to HOW they ARE (or were) being MISTREATED and ABUSED

4.  DO NOT THINK that just because she is ALLOWING you to spend time with her AFTER SHE HAS BEEN ABUSED that YOU HAVE A CHANCE at a relationship with her


One of the MOST OBVIOUS signs that YOU AIN'T GETTING HER is when she gives you that "CHURCH" HUG:

"Turn Her Face To The Side and Quickly Press Her Cheek Against Your Cheek - Don't Try to Press Your Chest Against My Tits - Booty Out To Keep Your Johnson Away From My Thighs - 3 Pats On His Back And Pull Away" Hug (if she even gives you that)".

THAT IS her way of thanking you for all of the time and effort YOU PUT IN to help RESTORE HER to a functional level FOR SOMEONE ELSE and NOT YOU.


ATTRACTIVE (which means one that YOU are attracted to) FEMALES are who you should show some interest in and SPEND YOUR TIME with. 

There are FAR MORE attractive (to you) females that will be GENUINELY interested in you and WILL WORK WITH YOU than that are pretty females (which will NOT GENUINELY want you anyway) so LEAVE THE PRETTY ONES to their ABUSERS.


If ANY of you everyday Joe's decide to IGNORE this post and PURSUE (really waste your time and money)  or REHAB an abused pretty female, DON'T BE MAD at her AFTER she thank you fwith that "CHURCH" HUG and that is all you get.

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