Thursday, October 10, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED 101: She Ate, She Created a Bill, She Should Pay Her Bill"

It appears that MANY of you guys need to go back to the BEGINNERS CLASS (10 year old and up) because you simply DON'T SEEM TO get it or REFUSE TO get it so from time to time I'm gonna post "It's Not That Complicated" for those of you that have difficulties understanding my posts.


This DOES APPLY to guys who's READING and COMPREHENSION skills are low and need to have it SIMPLIFIED with PICTURES and MINIMAL information.


These posts are ONLY one level above the BEGINNERS CLASS so if you DON'T GET IT and need more assistance and clarification then YOU DO KNOW what class you are going to be SENT BACK to, right?

I love how females will RUN THEIR MOUTHS about their education, their job, their independence AND don't need a man then find a SUCKER to get him to pay for THE BILL that SHE CREATED while dining out with him.


PIGEON. Always has an appetite and wants some man to feed her (i.e., take her out for a meal) and pay for it no matter how much money she has. Her philosophy is "The more SUCKERS she meet, the more FREE MEALS she will be able to eat".


When was the last time YOU came in contact with a PIGEON and did you take her out to eat and pay for it?


I can't answer for you or ASSume because I was not there.


I am not going to use any more words than necessary so that I won't confuse you any further than you are already confused.

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