Friday, October 18, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "3 CONCEPTS: Traditional vs Bitch Feminist vs Jai Duval"

REGARDLESS if you are the male or the female, you should ONLY get out of a relationship or marriage what YOU ACTUALLY put into it.


This DOES NOT APPLY to sexual exchanges. If you are a PAY-PER-VIEW HO then get your money when you are giving up the pussy.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the foolish males out there because IT'S OBVIOUS that you will WILLINGLY select the "Bitch Version of Feminism".


I have NO PROBLEM with the OLD FASHIONED tradition BECAUSE the woman (back then NOT NOW) put in just as much WORK at home to keep the HOME CLEAN and FOOD PREPARED for HER MAN when he got home JUST AS the man did in order to keep that roof over THEIR heads, utilities functioning and food in the house in order for HER to prepare it.


DO NOT ALLOW these BITCH FEMINISTS to DEFINE what old fashioned behavior is FOR YOU when they DON'T COMPLY with how WOMEN of that day and time behaved.

UNDERSTAND CLEARLY that in the old fashion tradition THE WOMAN lived based upon HIS INCOME rather than HER DESIRES which mean HE DID NOT HAVE TO work himself to an EARLY grave to please her. SHE ACCEPTED whatever INCOME he made, LIVED IN ACCORDANCE with that and made the BEST of what was there WITHOUT additional expectations.


If you put a CERTAIN PERCENTAGE into a relationship then I truly believe that you should GET THAT PERCENTAGE out of it whatever it was.


1. If you put 30% financially into that relationship then you should receive 30% if the relationship dissolves

2. If you put 50% financially into that relationship then you should receive 50% if the relationship dissolves

3. If you put SEX into that relationship for a number of years then you should receive SEX for at least that SAME number of years if the relationship dissolves IF you expect to receive something BECAUSE you gave up the SEX

4. If you MOSTLY sat on your ass then you should GO ELSEWHERE and sit on your ass AGAIN if that relationship dissolves AND you find someone that will ALLOW you to do so

5. If you get into a relationship and ALLOW that person to live off of you and don't have the PARTICIPATE financially then EXPECT nothing FROM THEM and EXPECT MUCH to be TAKEN FROM YOU if the relationship dissolves


I already know you will probably say, "You CAN'T MEASURE a certain percentage of what one gives".

My response to all of you is BULLSHIT because you surely will measure HOW MUCH he will give during that relationship so why not measure what YOUR SCANDALOUS, LAZY, INCONSIDERATE asses put into it while he was in it?


If you want a REALationship, get yourself a REAL woman.

That is how I describe being RESPONSIBLE during a relationship and FAIR if the relationship dissolves.

What do any of you think?

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