Friday, October 11, 2013

MONDAY 10-14-2013 CLASS: "DeAr Hunting Season"

Well, it's just about that time of the season again.  It's the "freak night", "turkey day", "jingle bells", "happy new year" and "will you be mine" time when MANY females want to have a companion and NOT BE ALONE.

I hold this class EVERY YEAR before "DeAr Hunting Season" begins and many of you still get CAUGHT UP and BURNED thinking those females are genuinely interested in you.


This DOES APPLY to every male that IS NOT already in a relationship PRIOR TO DeAr Hunting Season.


DeAr Hunting Season is the time when females that you would NORMALLY NOT have access to WILL ALLOW you into their lives for the purpose of TEMPORARY COMPANIONSHIP because THE MAN they were with (or want to be with) HAS TO SPEND TIME WITH his WIFE, NON-MARITAL MATE or he just don't want to GET CAUGHT UP FINANCIALLY in that OVER COMMERCIALIZED period of time AND those guys know that there are SUCKERS LIKE YOU that will be MORE THAN HAPPY to CATER TO HER.


It's all about the GIFT OF GIVING to and SELF-ESTEEM UPLIFTING for her at YOUR EXPENSE of course.

MANY FEMALES, especially during this season, do not care about a male's financial well-being and it will be proven by their expectations to receive gifts and financial support regardless of the male's own personal financial responsibilities.

SPENDING TIME with her is not as important as SPENDING MONEY on her during this season.

[DeAr Hunting Season Analysis]

I have noticed this ANNUAL re-occurrence over the years which I why I placed this into my first book in 2005.  I related this season to football which is what I have outlined it in the following manner:

PRE-SEASON: September 6th - October 30th

REGULAR SEASON: October 31st - February 14th

- 1st Quarter - October 31st - November 30th.  The first official day is extremely important and you should be out there if at all possible. Why this day? Because it's Halloween and they tend to GET FREAKY, let their guards down, be open to approach and act out those inhibitions they have been suppressing

- 2nd Quarter - December 1st - December 24th

- HALFTIME – Christmas ("If Santa don't come to her on Christmas morning, YOU definitely won't cum with her on Christmas evening".

- 3rd Quarter - December 26th - January 15th

- 4th Quarter - January 16th - February 14th


- POST SEASON: February 15th - September 5th

---- Termination Notification Time (TNT)

---- Post Season Blues (PSB).  This is the time when many good men (Suckermen) will enter that state of loneliness and depression after having been served their termination notice. They will have been stripped of their self-esteem and money.

This analysis is very lengthy and detailed so if you HAVE THE PATIENCE and WANT TO READ THEM, you will have to go to my September 1, 2009 posting on this site.


IF you have a GOOD WOMAN hold on to her because THERE ARE NOT many of them left.  A good woman WILL NOT expect or require YOUR financial support to be the glue that keeps the two of you together because she will be CONSIDERATE of your financial responsibilities, RESPONSIBLE for herself and VALUE time spent with you rather than money spent on her.

Class is dismissed.

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