Wednesday, October 30, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "Truth Is a Mutha-Fucka to Swallow"

If males would spend just 50% of the time they spend WASTING IT chasing PUSSY, giving females UNEARNED COMPLIMENTS, sitting on their ass using the computer ONLY to look at female's photos on Facebook and click the "like" button on those photos and INSTEAD use that time to BETTER THEMSELVES, life would be MORE REWARDING for them (NOT HER).


This DOES APPLY to all the whining, complaining, blaming males that are DISSATISFIED with their situation yet they CONTINUE to do those things that BENEFIT HER and HINDER himself.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males that have NO AMBITION in life OTHER THAN wasting their life and time PLEASING or ATTEMPTING TO PLEASE a female or females.


Let me be the first to say here that THERE ARE a large number of dudes that WILL ONLY ADVANCE in life as far as THEIR DICKS or THEIR BULLSHIT TALKING can take them.


LIFE, as an adult, is something that SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLY ENJOYED but SHOULD NOT BE FOOLISHLY TAKEN FOR GRANTED and PLAYED WITH but it seems MANY males feel the NEED to NOT GROW UP and continuously PLAY WITH LIFE.

Life can REWARD YOU if you live responsibly as well as SEVERELY PUNISH YOU.


Males that PLAY WITH LIFE can look forward to BRUTAL, LOGICAL and INSENSITIVE response:

1. BRUTAL.  Give me the opportunity and I will beat your ass down.

2. LOGICAL.  You only do this so you only get that in return.

3. INSENSITIVE.  I don't give a shit about your feelings and I don't accept excuses.  It's ONLY what you do (or have done) that matters.


If you choose to play with life by WASTING YOUR TIME and MONEY on these WORTHLESS female being their ENTERTAINER (i.e., clown), FINANCIAL PROVIDER (i.e., fool) and you end up LATER IN LIFE with NOTHING TO SHOW but some good, fun times (in your mind) to talk about, BLAME NO ONE but you because MOST (if not all) of those females that you wasted your time and money on WILL BE with someone else or alone doing quite well with the MONEY THEY SAVED while being with YOUR PLAYFUL ASS.

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