Wednesday, October 30, 2013

IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED: "Is It God or Her Doing The Choosing"

I know this won't sit well with MOST of you and it may upset MANY of you for me asking since I should not DARE to question statements like these and DISRUPT your FANTASY moment but WTF.

The 3 types of G's that causes many people to choose mates are:

- GOD (or so we claim such)

- GREED (the money or lifestyle UPGRADE is just too great to resist)

- GENITALS (I'm horny)


This is NOT about anyone's religious or non-religious beliefs. 

This is about the POPULAR GOD SENT expression that is so often used when someone DESPERATELY wants to feel they have found THE ONE.

OF COURSE this DOES APPLY to males as well.


I find it to be AN ABSOLUTE JOKE when so many males and females use the GOD SENT expression when they CLAIM to have been sent THE ONE. After that HEAVENLY MIRACLE has turned into a HELLISH SITUATION, I usually hear the EXCUSE, "God sent him/her to me for a season", "God sent him/her to me to teach me a lesson" or "God brought us together to create this beautiful child (or children)".


If it was God's voice urging you on to that maital relationship, would God urge you on to a temporary situation that would eventually lead you to emotional trauma, physical abuse, separation and ultimate divorce?

Would God be so cruel and vicious to set you up, have a child or children and then divorce (for those who claim God sent that person) which is BAD for the children created during that marriage?

DID GOD instruct you to NOT engage in sex before marriage yet, in that same breath, TOLD YOU to NOT spend time with them if they DON'T spend money on you PRIOR TO MARRIAGE?

DID GOD tell you to keep YOUR LEGS CLOSED but make sure the other person keeps THEIR WALLET/PURSE OPEN to YOUR selfish attitude and inconsiderate desires?

DID GOD instruct you to NOT judge him/her buy the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER but rather by the CONTENTS IN THEIR WALLET/PURSE?


Since we all (excluding those that are mentally incapable) have the ability to make MATURE choices in our lives I believe that the PRIMARY driving force for the GOD SENT expression is based upon lust, desperation, stupidity and/or lifestyle upgrade.

- LUST - You are PHYSICALLY attracted and SEXUALLY motivated.

- DESPERATION - You want so badly to have a relationship with THAT PERSON as YOUR mate due to loneliness, society's pressure or family/friends pressure.

- STUPIDITY - You KNOW that relationship is not good for you but you enter into it anyway.

- LIFESTYLE UPGRADE - You want what HE/SHE has to make YOUR life better and more appealing.


IF YOU CLAIM that God has sent him/her to you after you have found THE ONE, which EXCUSE will you use IF your relationship with that God sent person and YOU don't last?

- GOD sent him/her to me for a season

- GOD sent him/her to me to teach me a lesson

- GOD brought us together to create this beautiful child (or children)

Since I am out of touch in the RELATIONSHIP EXCUSE department, are there any NEW excuses that are out there that I need to know about?


Can we simply AGREE that YOU made a choice based upon what YOU thought would benefit YOU, ENJOYED some (or all) of that time while it lasted and if didn't last it was based upon YOUR choice and not God bringing someone PLEASANTLY IN and UNPLEASANTLY OUT of YOUR life?

Can we simply AGREE that God DID NOT make you reject, avoid or turn away from that decent, GOOD PERSON who just happened to be the everyday, average person who probably would have given YOU more LOVE, HAPPINESS and SPIRITUAL PEACE-OF-MIND than you could have ever imagined instead of the one YOU FOOLISHLY selected? 

YOU CHOSE to reject, avoid, turn away from that decent person who would have really loved you in a genuine, non-materialistic (that means not trying to impress you with things or money) way.

As I said in the beginning, this may upset many of you but TRUTH and REALITY of YOUR poor choices in a mate, that DON'T LAST, is embarrassing to many and an EXTREMELY difficult pill to swallow.

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