Thursday, October 17, 2013

SHMP: "Steve Harvey's Mentoring Program"

You already know Steve's position and politics when it comes to a male's behavior.  So he has a program to TEACH YOUNG MEN how to BE MEN.

I TOTALLY AGREE that he is teaching them how to be me but MY QUESTION is, "WHAT KIND of man is he teaching them how to be"?


-  Does he publicize support for or recognition for ABUSED or DECENT single fathers

-  Does he publicize IRRESPONSIBLE, ABUSIVE or DEADBEAT mothers

-  Does he teach young men about PAERNITY FRAUD and DNA testing

- Does he teach young men that FEMALES have ABSOLUTE CONTROL over getting pregnant so DO NOT EJACULATE inside of her UNLESS you are MARRIED and BOTH OF YOU ARE PREPARED to CONSISTENTLY CONTRIBUTE to the raising and support of that child


I will leave this for you to think about IF you intend on SENDING YOUR SON or SONS to his mentoring program.

1 comment:

  1. If I had a son, I'd never send him to a Simp Harvey mentoring program. Steve Harvey knows nothing about manhood at all. Any boy going into his program will be needing tampons after he returns from it.