Wednesday, October 9, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Don't Be Mad at Your Dad for Not Being Around"

Why do we CONTINUE to blame the SPERM DONORS for a woman's FUCKED UP choices in the DICK (or dicks) SHE CHOOSES to ALLOW to EJACULATE inside of her? 


This DOES APPLY to every female that lay down FOR ALL THE SELFISH and WRONG REASONS and ALLOW a male to EJACULATE inside of her and he WALKS AWAY from the situation afterward and SHE USES his SPERM to GET KNOCKED UP.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the REGULAR guys that are no longer with their child or children.  Sometimes we have to make the LOGICAL decision AFTER we have done something STUPID like EJACULATE inside of her to either LEAVE THAT CRAZY BITCH (and deal with the financial consequences) or KILL HER (and go to prison).


VIOLENCE is NOT the solution.  DO NOT waste your life by committing a CRIMINAL ACT.  The best thing YOU can do for YOU is to simply WALK AWAY and NEVER look back.

It's time to GIVE CREDIT (no matter HOW BAD it is) where CREDIT IS DUE.


If she wants to claim ALL THE CREDIT for her son's SUCCESS when things are going good, then she should be given ALL THE CREDIT for the PAIN, SUFFERING, MISERY and LONELINESS that the son (or sons) go through for not having his dad IN HIS LIFE based upon HER fucked up choice in a SPERM DONOR.

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