Thursday, May 8, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "A BLACK MAN'S HEAVEN: Many Black Men Love a Queen and Pancakes"

This would have to be the case because if it were NOT the case, Queens would not be EXPOSING their PANCAKES because I don't see NON-BLACK men DROOLING over PANCAKES or giving them the kind of attention that black men do.


Since I am NOT KNOCKING YOU for EXPOSING your PANCAKES nor am I attracted to your pancakes, I would like to as the following questions to men and women.

TO MEN.  What about a female EXPOSING these pancakes do you find to be so attractive and desirable.

TO WOMEN.  What is it about YOUR SAGGING PANCAKES makes you feel that males want to see them INSTEAD of a set of FIRM (not sagging) PANCAKES.


If I am incorrect about my ASSumption, I would like the NON-BLACK men to come forth and tell us IF they LOVE PANCAKES on a woman because I'm sure those Queens with pancakes would LOVE to know who you are.

Class is dismissed.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing healthy about this black woman's entitlement to be in this horrible physique.