Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "THE PURGE: We Are Going To Need More Disposal Containers"

The more I listen to FEMALES and observe THEIR behavior, the more I realize how INCONSIDERATE MOST of them are when it comes to SHOWING CONSIDERATION for the man and HIS money.


This DOES APPLY to any male that desires to have a PARTNER in his life as opposed to a FINANCIAL LIABILITY.

This DOES NOT APPLY to any male who LOVE TO PAY for the opportunity of females companionship.


Trying to CONVINCE females that think MEN LOVE TO PAY to be MORE CONSIDERATE of a male's financial responsibility to himself would be FUTILE.  It would be IN HIS BEST INTEREST to simply GET RID OF HER.


WORKING females should be more considerate of a man's finances due to the fact that THEY have financial responsibilities themselves.

I have NO RESPECT for WORKING females that would CONTINUE to think that AFTER explaining to them that THEY SHOULD BE financially responsible for themselves and NOT EXPECT to have a MAN to PAY FOR ACCESS, they would STILL EXPECT him to do so.


I would EXPECT a Pay-Per-View Ho to SAY, "I see it as their way of buying access (pussy) and indicating they have a romantic (sexual) interest".  

This is why I call ANY female that thinks like this a PAY-PER-VIEW HO and will CONTINUE to call them Ho's UNTIL their mindset changes.


I would EXPECT an Inconsiderate Bitch to THINK, "I see it as their way of buying access (to my time) even though I don't have a romantic (sexual) interest". 


THERE ARE women left out there that ARE CONSIDERATE, WILL PAY for THEMSELVES and WOULD BE INSULTED if you TREATED THEM as if they were PAY-PER-VIEW HO's expecting you to BUY ACCESS to them. 


You have the RIGHT to BUY a Pay-Per-View Ho's time if that is YOUR CHOICE.  If you do then make sure she's an AFFORDABLE HO and you DON'T EMOTIONALLY ATTACH yourself to her. 

Just remember that IF that is HER MINDSET then THERE ARE other males waiting in line OFFERING to do the same thing so don't be SURPRISED or HURT if she JUGGLES between YOU and the OTHER CUSTOMERS or simply DUMP YOU for a BETTER OFFER because it's simply a BUSINESS TRANSACTION to them that BENEFITS THEM.

Class is dismissed.

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