Friday, May 16, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "FUBAR: Some of You Dudes Just Aren't Ready for Class"

Some of you dudes are just FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Any Repair) and is taking up classroom space so I will have REMOVE some of you from time to time.


These were PRIVATE conversations:

- This one dude WOULD NOT stop talking about the woman that dumped him and how he still loved her

- This one black dude HATED white women just because they are white

- This one white dude HATED all women just because they were women

Dudes like this need SERIOUS professional help BEFORE coming back to my class.


Think about this over the weekend before YOU DECIDE to come back to class on Monday.  I will understand and accept your decision to NOT COME BACK if that is the case.

Class is dismissed.

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