Monday, May 26, 2014

REALITY CHECK: "CHILDHOOD OBESITY: "How Can You Fight It If She Won't Admit To or Accept The Fact That She Is Fat or Obese"?

My sympathy NO LONGER goes out to these FAT or OBESE females in denial. 


This DOES NOT APPLY to the VERY, VERY FEW people with GLAND problems.


My sympathy goes out to the CHILD or CHILDREN that will GENETICALLY and SOCIALLY (through poor diet and little to no consistent exercise) INHERIT the potential for diabetes that can lead to amputation, high blood pressure, etc. from FAT or OBESE females that won't do anything about it.


I really DON'T CARE if your FAT or OBESE feelings are hurt or YOU DON'T LIKE what I just stated because MY CONCERN has always been and will continue to be for the BENEFIT of that YET-TO-BE-BORN child.

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