Thursday, May 15, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "THE FAT AND OBESE NEED LOVE TOO: The American Genetic Black Evolution"

The FUTURE looks VERY PROMISING for the BLACK MAN when it comes to companionship because the group of males that love FAT and OBESE females the most are the ones classified as black.


This ALSO APPLY to any female regardless of race, color, etc that fit this profile.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the VERY SMALL number of females with GLAND problems that can't keep their weight down.


I would ADVISE males that are seeking HIGH ODDS of INCREASING their chances of having a SLENDER companion to SEEK females in other groups. 


1.  Since black females have a higher number of FAT and OBESE as well as THEIR DENIAL of being FAT or OBESE (by calling themselves THICK), there is a LESS LIKELY chance that they will lose that FAT.

2.  Since MANY black men are attracted to FAT and OBESE black females, there is NO INCENTIVE for them to lose weight since they will be GETTING ATTENTION from males.

3.  Most of these FAT and OBESE black females will IGNORE the POOR or TERMINAL HEALTH RISKS in exchange for the attention and companionship of black men.


I overwhelmingly agree which is why FAT and OBESE females of ALL races, color, etc should seek out black men.


As I have done, I suggest that you either ACCEPT them as is (Fat and Obese) or LOOK ELSEWHERE for companionship.

Oh yea, YOU CAN spend time GOING AGAINST THE ODDS (their numbers are much smaller) trying to find a SLENDER black female and then WHEN/IF you do find one, CHECK OUT THE ATTITUDE and see if she is Considerate, Cooperative and Financially Responsible.  If so, KEEP HER, LOVE HER because she is RARE.

Class is dismissed.

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