Monday, May 19, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "MY LIFE IS MISERABLE: Don't End Up Alone and Miserable Like Me"

Since I've been told that I am miserable and I DO THINK in the best interest of males FIRST.

I guess I will have to say DON'T BE MISERABLE LIKE ME:

-  Don't take your time looking for a Considerate, Cooperative and Financially Responsible woman

-  Don't think about yourself and your happiness because what's important is that YOU FIND a woman and MAKE HER HAPPY

-  You must SPEND YOUR MONEY on a woman in order to be happy because WHY SAVE it when she is there to RECEIVE it.

-  Your life will be SO MISERABLE if you don't have a woman to ANSWER to and QUESTION where you are going or what you are doing

-  You are supposed to have a woman in your life so that she can HELP YOU (spend YOUR money on her)


I don't know WHERE TO GO with my free time.  The beach, to a concert, driving down the coast, amusement park, dining, RELAXING at home, one of many piers, hanging out with one of my buddies, etc.  

ALL OF THIS and just PAYING for one person?  How BORING is that, right?

Yea, I really need ANY woman in my life RIGHT NOW to make my life fulfilled.


I guess I will simply REMAIN in my MISERABLE CONDITION and do the things that I want to do ALONE until I find a woman that is Considerate, Cooperative and Financially Responsible (pays her own way) such that we can do MANY things together WITHOUT HER BEING a FINANCIAL BURDEN on me.

Class is dismissed.

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