Monday, May 5, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY AND MOST FEMALES: There Is Very Little Difference on Both Ends of the Spectrum"

What good is having a female with an education, training, career and savings IF none of those accomplishment WILL BE applied in a manner to BENEFIT THE RELATIONSHIP as opposed to JUST HER.

What good is having a female that CARES ABOUT YOU DEARLY but can't FINANCIALLY contribute to the maintenance of a relationship in a manner that DOES NOT REQUIRE you to PUT OUT MORE MONEY than you were BEFORE being with HER which NOW CAUSES you STRESS.


This DOES NOT APPLY to Ho's because Sex is your means of getting money or getting your bills paid.

This DOES NOT APPLY to DESPERATE, LONELY or THIRSTY males that DON'T CARE about a woman being a FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTOR and is just satisfied with her being in his COMPANY.


I will continue to say that for those MALES who think MONEY should not be an issue when it comes to the woman you want, "You better pray and hope that you will ALWAYS have money to support her" or be prepared to SUFFER TOGETHER or BE ALONE after she DUMPS YOU and goes to the NEXT financial SAVIOR.

Money will CONTINUE to be one of my BIGGEST concerns UNTIL women begin to:

1. PAY FOR SELF.  You work and have a job so when an expense is involved, YOU PAY that portion of the expense that YOU CREATED, or 

2.  ACCEPT YOUR FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS.  You can ONLY live a lifestyle based upon what YOU can afford NO MATTER how much money he makes.


I find it to be a COMPLETE INSULT and DISRESPECT to any man when a woman has the ABILITY TO PAY yet refuses to do so EXPECTING the man to be RESPONSIBLE FOR HER.

Women, nowadays, are JUST AS CAPABLE (and in some cases more capable) of getting employment than a man so WHY are you STILL supporting her, helping with HER BILLS and PAYING HER WAY on dates.


ALL of you will NEVER take my advice but I'm not expecting ALL or even MOST.  I'm ONLY EXPECTING those who what a chance at a LESS FINANCIALLY STRESSFUL and MORE ENJOYABLE life.  

Class is dismissed.

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