Thursday, May 22, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "MONEY: Why Is It Such a Big Issue With Some Men"

I'm sure you have heard some female say that or talk about something similar to that.  That statement ONLY APPLIES to YOUR money and NOT HER MONEY.

I don't know about you dudes but MY MONEY will ALWAYS be an issue to me when it comes to HOW I SPEND IT.


This DOES APPLY to any male that does not want to set himself up to be FINANCIALLY DEVASTATED in the event of a divorce.

This DOES NOT APPLY to males that are hardwired with that old-fashioned, out-dated tradition of THE MAN PAYS or THE MAN FINANCIALLY PROVIDES for the majority of the relationship expenses.


My point here is that the everyday Joe that I represent has MUCH MORE to lose percentage wise than this billionaire or any other financially comfortable male which is why Joe should REQUIRE ANY FEMALE he is spending time with to SPEND HER own money on herself and NOT spend HIS MONEY on her.


If money is NOT such a big issue with females that make that statement PUBLICLY or PRIVATELY think that way, why don't they just LEAVE WITHOUT trying to get as much MONEY as they can during a DIVORCE?


THEY KNOW that money matters and that is why THEIR INTENT is to get as much UNEARNED money from you as possible on the way out.


Sex does not qualify as earning anything more than just sex AFTER the divorce.

For MANY of them, SEX during that relationship is simply a BARTERING SYSTEM (i.e., PROSTITUTION) and is used as a MEANS to get what she wants from him.  If you want to PROVE if it's NOT a BARTERING SYSTEM, simply DO NOTHING for her BEFORE or AFTER the sex and OBSERVE her attitude and behavior with you. 

Sex, for MANY of them, is ONLY ENJOYABLE if she has RECEIVED something BEFORE the sex or KNOWS she will RECEIVE something AFTER the sex.

If she feels she is due something because of having sex during the marriage, then they should make some arrangements to have sex on a scheduled basis AFTER the divorce is final UNTIL the number of SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS are met.


That is HER PROBLEM and NOT YOUR PROBLEM so don't even be concerned about what is going to happen to her.

If she has any MARKETABLE value left in her that makes a FOOLISH man want to take care of her, she is going to do the same thing that she did with you which is FIND SOME DUDE to TAKE HER IN and SPEND HIS MONEY taking care of her.


I realize that at least 7 out of 10 dudes reading this WILL NOT LISTEN to me and will CONTINUE to function in that old fashioned, out-dated manner.  

Don't be angry or come COMPLAINING to people, on Facebook or any other site about WHAT SHE DID TO YOU because YOU are ALLOWED it to happen to you.

I am attempting to REACH OUT to that 2 out of 10 dudes that WILL LISTEN and take my advice and that 1 out of 10 that's UNDECIDED on what to do with my advice.

In the end, THE CHOICE is up to you.

Class is dismissed.

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