Monday, June 16, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "Are You Prepared For What Will Eventually Happen"?

Awwww.. your Mommy and Daddy ain't there any more to look after your SORRY, LAZY and UNPREPARED ass and now you are CRYING?

Those aren't tears of SADNESS because they are gone.  Those are tears of worrying about WHO are you going to LIVE OFF OF NEXT. 

MOST females don't CONTRIBUTE EQUALLY FINANCIALLY when in a relationship nor do they TAKE CARE OF a MAN.  

They will LIVE OFF of the man for as long as they can or until they come in contact with what they believe to be a BETTER OPPORTUNITY.


You have to REMEMBER that there will ALWAYS be males that will take a female in AFTER she has PARTIED, HAD GOOD TIME and then messed their lives up or RUINED some other man's life by TAKING A FREE RIDE on his back UNTIL he hits rock bottom.

You, as a male, WILL NEVER have such opportunities KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR if you mess your life up so DO WHAT'S BEST for you and YOUR FUTURE while you can.

If you do find that RARE female that is Considerate, Cooperative and Financially Responsible (i.e., she pays her own way) then CHERISH HER and consider yourself to be LUCKY.

Class is dismissed.

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