Sunday, June 1, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "MY MISERABLE SINGLE LIFE: Why Should I Impose It On Someone Else's Life"

My point in this post and the earlier VIDEO post with me at Venice Boardwalk was to ENCOURAGE males to NOT WASTE their time ARGUING WITH or PLEADING WITH some Inconsiderate, Uncooperative or Financially Irresponsible female.

GO OUT and ENJOY LIFE by yourself and NOT PUT UP WITH or PAY FOR SOME FEMALE to be with you that MAKES YOU feel miserable.


There was even a dude that got on the DESPISE JAI DUVAL'S HAPPINESS bandwagon. 

When they criticize me for ENJOYING myself WITHOUT having to have a female with me THAT IN MOST CASES will EXPECT ME TO PAY for any food or entertainment when we are together, that brings even MORE JOY to me.


YOUR LIFE was meant to be productive and enjoyed so NEVER THINK that you have to have a female with you in order to ENJOY YOURSELF and IF you have one with you to SHARE IN THAT JOY, make sure that SHE PAYS HER OWN WAY.

Class is dismissed not go ENJOY the remainder of your day.

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