Saturday, June 14, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "NEVER TRUST A FEMALE WITH YOUR SPERM: Florida Man Who Tricked Girlfriend into Taking Abortion Pill Sentenced to Nearly 14 Years in Prison"

This post is TOO IMPORTANT for you to ALLOW females and SIMPS to divert you because this message is to BENEFIT YOU.  

MANY females and SIMPS will ATTEMPT to DIVERT YOU into MEANINGLESS discussions that will BLAME the male and TAKE THE ATTENTION away from the female so DO NOT GET BAITED into those discussions with them.


This DOES NOT APPLY to males with NO AMBITION in life and simply want to WASTE in life away IN PRISON.

This DOES APPLY and should be SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED by every male that has AMBITIONS and PLANS for a happy and productive future.


This is what can happen TO YOU or any male if you choose to NOT LISTEN to and NOT APPLY what I am attempting to ENLIGHTEN you about in my posts that is BENEFICIAL FOR YOU.


Who's to say that SHE didn't TRICK HIM by lying and saying SHE was on BIRTH CONTROL because they LIE all the time about that and ESPECIALLY since he was headed for a LUCRATIVE career?


I don't know IF he intentionally DID NOT use a condom but let this be a lesson to the rest of you to ALWAYS wear a condom and NEVER LEAVE IT BEHIND for her to HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR SPERM.


I am going to place several comments from the online article along with my responses:

COMMENT 1:  John Andrew Welden, 29, apologized Monday for his actions as a federal judge in Tampa handed down the 13 year, 8 month sentence. But his victim, former girlfriend Remee Jo Lee, demanded the judge show the calculating fiend “the same amount of mercy that he showed me during my pregnancy,” the Tampa Tribune reported.

RESPONSE 1:  Note that SHE is looked upon as a "victim" and he a "calculating fiend".  Tell me just HOW MANY females are publicized in the media as "calculating fiends" when they INTENTIONALLY get knocked up to trap a man or for FINANCIAL GAIN.

COMMENT 2:  “This wasn’t just a case to me,” Lee told the judge. “This was the death of my child.”

RESPONSE 2:  First understand this female was 27 years old and quite capable of having children at another time.

COMMENT 3:  Lee was ecstatic about becoming a mother, but Welden, who was working on a degree in sports medicine, wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

RESPONSE 3:  Now who EXACTLY do you think had MORE TO GAIN from this pregnancy?  Her being a mother or him having a career in sports medicine.

COMMENT 4:  Welden and Lee, 27, had been romantically involved for nearly seven months when they learned last February that Lee was pregnant. The news, however, did not unite them.

RESPONSE 4:  Romantically involved for NEARLY seven months is a way to express (for the public) SHE was NOT just having SEX during that time.  If YOU were working on a degree with a PROMISING CAREER would her GETTING KNOCKED UP unite you?

COMMENT 5:  Lee was ecstatic about becoming a mother..

RESPONSE 5:  Of course she was because she would THEN be able to LEACH off of a man with a PROMISING and LUCRATIVE career in sports medicine.

COMMENT 6:  The judge ordered Welden to serve out his sentence at a low-security, federal prison camp and to pay nearly $30,000 in restitution to Lee, who told the court she bled for nearly a month after the forced abortion.

RESPONSE 6:  She is REWARDED and by the way "bled for nearly a month"?  You do know that IF you have ONLY a few drops of blood periodically that can TECHNICALLY apply to that statement so don't think this female BLED UNCONTROLLABLY for almost a month and had to have blood transfusions.

COMMENT 7:  Welden will spend three years on probation after his release.

RESPONSE 7:  Serving his FULL SENTENCE is not enough.  It has to be PERSONAL because the JUDGE is the one that does the sentencing.  If the judge is a male and married then he DEFINITELY is a SIMP which MANY married males are these days.

COMMENT 8:  “I don’t believe Mr. Welden’s an evil person, but he committed an evil act,” Judge Richard Al Lazzara said, “and he’s going to pay the consequences.”

RESPONSE 8:  Definitely DOUBLE STANDARDS because when/if a female does it, it's in HER best interest to do so.


You can FOOLISHLY DEBATE or ARGUE with females if you want but in the end IF you ejaculate INSIDE of their NOT SO SAFE deposit box, YOU PUT YOU LIFE AND YOUR FUTURE INTO HER HANDS.

Class is dismissed.

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  1. They were f*** buddies only. He was involved in a relationship with a woman -- one who had met his parents. One whose parents he had met. This was some side twooty, only. So, Savior, you are right. He put his life and his future in her hands. Thumbs up to her for looking out for her own financial future. I ain't mad at her.