Friday, June 13, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "CELIBACY: During Dating Is The Way To Go"

The weekend is here and I'm sure you want to go out on a date or several dates.

After reading and understanding this post, males should be able to SAY YES to being CELIBATE as well as SUGGEST to her THAT THEY BE CELIBATE while dating UNTIL there is a COMMITTED agreement to DATE EXCLUSIVELY.


This DOES NOT APPLY to Idiots and Morons because you won't comply.

This DOES NOT APPLY to MOST black males because you have NO DISCIPLINE and SEX is your HIGHEST PRIORITY and you primary reason for living.

This DOES NOT APPLY to SIMPS and THIRSTY dudes of ANY race, color, creed, etc because you are TOO WEAK to resist.


I can guarantee you that MOST females that you want to date WILL NOT BE CELIBATE (according to my terms and conditions) and MY WAY will be a very good test to determine HER INTENTIONS as well as HER CHARACTER.


If you are simply OUT THERE looking to SCORE ASS then there is NO NEED to read this post any further. Just go out there and PAY until you get one of them to GIVE THE ASS up to you.


REMEMBER that the two WORST THINGS that you can do to Inconsiderate, Uncooperative and Financially Irresponsible females THAT BENEFIT YOU are:

1) Ignore them and

2) Not spend any of YOUR money on them.

Class is dismissed.

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