Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Have You Ever Gotten an STD in Your Lifetime and Did You Learn Your Lesson"?

Some people learn from their FIRST EXPOSURE to an STD and they take preventive measures to PREVENT it from happening again. There are OTHERS that FOOLISHLY continue to go UNPROTECTED and eventually GET BURNED again and again.

The INTENT with these classes is to make you aware and provide you with LOGIC to APPLY in your life in order to PROTECT YOU from making FOOLISH and EMOTIONAL decisions that will NOT BENEFIT YOU and maybe DAMAGE YOU BEYOND RECOVERY.


- Did you get an STD?

- Did you LOVE THAT STD that you got? 

- If so, did you GET RID of it or do you STILL HAVE IT?

- If you HAD ONE, do you NOW think enough about yourself to protect yourself and not allow yourself to get another STD again?


Think about those STDs while you are out there this weekend having a good time.

Class is dismissed.

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