Thursday, September 19, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Stop Arguing Against Feminism and Apply It"

One of the WORSE things (for a female) and the BEST things (for a male) is to STOP giving ATTENTION to WORTHLESS FEMALES (i.e., females that are of NO BENEFIT to you).


This DOES NOT APPLY to males who constantly are arguing with females about FEMINISM and trying to get females to AGREE to BE RESPONSIBLE for themselves because for some FOOLISH reason these types of males CONTINUE to do so.

This DOES APPLY to males who HAVE THE BALLS to simply say, "Look, you are going to be RESPONSIBLE for yourself and ACCOUNTABLE for your choices and behavior and IF you do that THEN we can think about spending some time together".

This DOES NOT APPLY to all women but DEFINITELY the IRRESPONSIBLE ones with that INCONSIDERATE, ENTITLEMENT (i.e., do for me or pay my way) attitude when spending time with you.


YOU CAN'T MAKE a female BE RESPONSIBLE if she DON'T WANT TO but YOU CAN simply walk away from her. This is what I try to ENCOURAGE males to do but for some FOOLISH reason many of them REFUSE to do so.

IF you STOP COMMUNICATING with and ABANDON ALL females that REFUSE to be responsible for themselves AND accountable for their choices and behavior, MANY OF THEM will change, BE by themselves, BE WITH another woman or REMAIN with the FOOLS that want to ARGUE WITH and CATER TO them. 


Is YOUR LIFE that EMPTY and UNPRODUCTIVE that you CONSTANTLY waste YOUR time arguing about this?

Are you going to CONTINUE trying to get a woman to BE RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE and CONSIDERATE OF YOU when she has NO RESPECT for you and NO INTENT on being responsible while she is WITH YOU?


I will leave YOU to answer that question for yourselves because my answer a long time ago was "Absolutely Not".

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