Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OPERATION S.P.O.T: "Are You Even Aware Of It"

S.P.O.T. (Subliminal Programmed Obedience Training) is one of my terms that I use because the VAST MAJORITY of males are programmed on a DAILY basis through the media as well as OTHER trained males that are SPOT victims.


The purpose of this class is to get you to BE AWARE of what you do and have done when it comes to YOUR BEHAVIOR with a female. Take your time and REALLY THINK about it. Then ask yourself, "Other than my EGO getting stroked, how have I benefited from my behavior with her"?


This DOES APPLY to most males even though they don't even realize it.


It is one thing to be ATTRACTED to a female but it is a totally different thing to DO STUPID THINGS for a female's attention or companionship.


STUPID BEHAVIOR. Doing something that YOU KNOW you should not be doing but you do it anyway.

SUBLIMINAL. Existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness.

PROGRAMMED. A sequence of instructions inserted into a medium (i.e., your mind).

OBEDIENCE. The act of conforming or complying without questioning.

TRAINING. To create a mindset and behavior through instructions and drills.


MOST OF YOU are SPOT victims and don't even know it. You have been programmed (without even knowing it) to believe that what you are doing for and with a female is WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO with no regard for how it will IMPACT YOU during that time or in the end.

MOST OF YOU will IGNORE what I am trying to do to HELP YOU in these classes because AGAIN you have been programmed to NEGATIVELY CRITICIZE and IGNORE ANYTHING that DOES NOT BENEFIT a female.


These are only a few of the MANY signs to be aware of:

- You FEEL the NEED to impress her

- You ACCEPT everything that she says

- You FEEL the NEED to compete for her

- You FEEL the NEED to financially help her

- You go OUT OF YOUR WAY to get her attention

- You place MORE VALUE on her than you place on yourself

- You FEEL as if SHE is the ONLY FEMALE that you want or can get and will do ANYTHING to get her


THERE ARE women out there that WILL put effort into you which is why I am ATTEMPTING to make you aware of your PROGRAMMED BEHAVIOR so that you can live your life in a more PRODUCTIVE manner that BENEFITS YOU.

Remember that "Knowledge is Useless if Not Applied".

Class is dismissed.

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