Tuesday, September 10, 2013

THE MYTH: "Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman"

When a female GIVES SEX (oral, vaginal, anal, a combination of or ALL of the above) to a male that SHE KNOWS is on his way towards achieving greatness or succe$$ AND he MARRY HER or ALLOWS her to LIVE WITH HIM, that DOES NOT MAKE HER A GREAT WOMAN. 

It CERTAINLY DOES makes her a SMART HO for USING SEX as her means to UPGRADING HER LIFESTYLE by GAINING ACCESS to HIS greatness or succe$$.

It also makes HIM look PRETTY STUPID to ALLOW HER FREE ACCESS to what HE has sacrificed and worked for just to have SEX or COMPANIONSHIP with her.



This DOES NOT APPLY to the very, very SMALL number of women that ACTUALLY got involved with what a man was doing in order for THEM to sacrifice, build and achieve succe$$ or greatness TOGETHER.

COOKING, MICROWAVING (for most of you) or GETTING KNOCKED UP for him DOES NOT QUALIFY a woman as being great.


Here is just another LIE that has been created to make a woman "appear" to be great. DO NOT buy into this BULLSHIT.

I don't know about YOU GUYS but EVERY TIME I hear someone (which usually is a female) say that phrase, I CHALLENGE THEM to PROVE IT and you should challenge them as well. As you can see by the image, MANY will say, "Well, she was there SUPPORTING him and that is a GREAT thing".


- What EXACTLY does "she was there for him mean" and 

- What kind of SUPPORT did she give him that DIRECTLY contributed to HIS succe$$ or greatness


"There for him" or "Supporting him" USUALLY means she was AVAILABLE for him to take her out (he's paying for it of course) and LISTEN TO HIM talk about what he HAS DONE, IS DOING or PLAN ON DOING in order to achieve his success or greatness.


Am I the ONLY man that have noticed how GREAT some women will become AFTER they have broken up with their man OR if they don't have a man and HAVE TO DO for themselves in order to survive?

DID THESE women (of course I am speaking of the more attractive and pretty ones) do a little "teasing" or "straight up Ho-ing" to become great or successful? Did they do something they can't (or won't) do while being WITH YOU? THERE ARE males that will pay, hire, promote, go into partnership with or help FINANCE her own business IF he THINKS (or knows) he will be REWARDED with sex from her and/or get into a relationship with her.

VERY FEW women will SACRIFICE (at the same level as a man) when they are WITH a man when it comes to achieving success or greatness. 

MOST will simply SIT ON THEIR ASS and EXPECT the man to carry the responsibility of achieving greatness OR expect the man to simply maintain that everyday relationship that is NOT STRIVING for greatness.


I love those GREAT women that's behind those GREAT men because they did the following. I will use the examples in the attached image.


- She TUTORED him to help him get good grades in order to MAINTAIN his athletic scholarship

- She got up EVERY morning and went running with him as a partner to help improve his physical strength and endurance

- She sat and watched games with him and POINTED OUT certain offensive and defensive moves that players did that he should try to do

- She got on that basketball court in the park MOST of those days and nights he played with other guys to help IMPROVE his game.


- She SAVED HER MONEY and PUT IT IN THE INVESTMENT POOL in order to add to whatever real estate investments THEY were going to invest in

- She TOOK THE TIME to study the real estate market and attend seminars

- She HELPED him buy, repair and sell properties in order to gain that wealth.


MOST (not all) of these women with great/successful men simply SPEND THE HIS MONEY and live a certain lifestyle they are either NOT CAPABLE or TOO LAZY to achieve. 

These same (so-called or self-proclaimed) GREAT, LOVING women will USUALLY TAKE a great portion of that man's finances THAT SHE DID NOTHING TO HELP EARN when (not if) she LEAVES HIM.


STOP giving THE WRONG WOMEN credit and praise for something THEY DID NOT DO and SAVE that credit and praise for women who ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING to DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTE to greatness and success.

Class is dismissed.

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  1. that's what i keep telling my friends but they're so hungry for a pussy that they won't listen