Wednesday, September 18, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "FEMINISM: You Got What You Wanted So Get Up, Go To Work and Pay Your Own Way Through Life"

CHIVALRY IS DEAD and LONG LIVE FEMINISM. Feminism REPLACED chivalry so when it comes down to interacting with females, WE HAVE to REQUIRE them to comply.


This DOES NOT APPLY to the LEGAL battles that are going on due to Feminism.

This DOES APPLY to the PERSONAL battles that occurs on a DAILY basis where YOU DO have ABSOLUTE CONTROL and the RIGHT to say "No way.  You wanted those rights so take the responsibility that comes with it".


You guys should know by now that when I post something that it is for YOUR BENEFIT FIRST. STOP FIGHTING FEMINISM and REQUIRE females to TAKE ALL four components that comes with feminism OR GET NONE of them. It's just that black and white and need NO COMPROMISES or DEEP DISCUSSIONS. 

Males have to be MORE LOGICAL and LESS EMOTIONAL when it comes to discussing this Feminist Movement. DO NOT give up YOUR RIGHT to POLITELY say "no thanks" when it comes to her extending her FEMINIST HAND FOR HELP FROM YOU.

Women have just as much (and more in many cases) OPPORTUNITIES than men do to EARN A LIVING due to the Feminist Movement so I ask YOU MALES this question:

"Why are you males treating them like FINANCIAL DEPENDENTS paying their way, helping them with THEIR BILLS and financially supporting them? Why aren't YOU requiring THEM to pay their own way while spending time with you since THEY NOW can (and is) earning a paycheck"?

[FEMINIST MOVEMENT]They cried out and fought for EQUAL RIGHTS and OPPORTUNITY and they won those rights so it's time to let them have them.


For some reason, they seem to have IGNORED and NEVER TALK ABOUT what comes with RIGHTS and OPPORTUNITY which is RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.


Either females take EQUAL RIGHTS, OPPORTUNITY, RESPONSIBILITY (pay your own way) and ACCOUNTABILITY (for your actions or poor choices) or GET BACK in the kitchen and DO NOT THINK that you can just MICROWAVE and call that COOKING.


MANY females AND their EMASCULATED males will see what I said as an issue SIMPLY BECAUSE I have REQUIRED them to be RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE. It seems as if it's an INSULT or HATRED TOWARDS WOMEN nowadays to EXPECT them to be responsible and accountable.


Those BEFORE YOU fought for you and I am going to make sure that WE RESPECT what they have fought for and REQUIRE you to be RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE if you want EQUAL RIGHTS and OPPORTUNITIES.

Are there ANY MALES reading this that agree with me AND WILL REQUIRE responsibility and accountability from ANY female that EXPECTS equal rights and opportunities?


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