Sunday, September 22, 2013

REALITY CHECK: "Many of You Men Were Destined to be a SLAVE TO WOMEN and Not a PARTNER WITH WOMEN"

It is so PATHETIC when I see men debating or arguing with SELF-PROCLAIMED, STRONG, INDEPENDENT women when it comes to something as BASIC as WORKING women being financially responsible for themselves (i.e., pay their own way) or a PHYSICALLY CAPABLE women being accountable for their actions (i.e., YOU BREAK it then YOU FIX it OR PAY SOMEONE TO FIX IT).


Why do you guys seem to WASTE your TIME ARGING or TRYING TO CONVINCE a female what ANY responsible adult should be doing?


Let me state here and now that this post HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ENCOURAGING ANYONE to join the military.


I am so DISAPPOINTED in so MANY of you guys that it would better serve EVERYONE to simply STOP PRETENDING that you value yourself and GET YOUR SORRY ASSES down on your knees and CONTINUE to willingly allow her to climb on your back UNTIL it's incapable of sustaining her and/or SHE LEAVES YOU for a BETTER OPPORTUNITY.

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